New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Awards 2012
Recognizing Those Committed to Making a Difference
Randal Brown, M.D.
Santa Rosa native Dr. Randal Brown promised to return to his hometown after completing his studies at the University of New Mexico’s School of Medicine, and he kept that promise, helping transition a county hospital into a thriving medical clinic. He did the same thing in Tucumcari. At the time of Dr. Brown’s return, Guadalupe County Hospital was operating without doctors in trying to serve one of the poorest and medically disenfranchised communities in New Mexico. Dr. Brown closed the gap by opening the Santa Rosa Medical Clinic in 1996, and by serving as the Emergency Room doctor at the county hospital. In 1999, he established a second medical clinic in Tucumcari called the Quay County Medical Clinic, now a fast-growing family practice clinic staffed with three health care providers.

To encourage young medical providers to consider service in rural communities, Dr. Brown’s practice began precepting residents, medical students, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants in 1999; as well as high school students from Santa Rosa and Tucumcari, to support their interest in future medical careers. These efforts twice earned Dr. Brown the Attending Physician of the Year award by UNM’s Family Practice Department.

In the spring of 2011, Dr. Brown and his team built a new, state-of-the-art facility for the Santa Rosa Medical Clinic. With four health care providers and featuring the latest in medical technology, the clinic is the premier source of medical care for residents of Guadalupe County and surrounding regions, including an ongoing diabetes education program. Both clinics provide care to indigent patients on a sliding-scale basis. The total value of medical services rendered to these patients exceeds $300,000 per year.

Although Dr. Brown has vast experience in the challenges faced by rural health care providers, he has always sought to uphold standards that would represent “best practices” at any medical institution. To wit; In July 2012, Dr. Brown’s Santa Rosa and Quay County medical clinic teams were honored as the first in New Mexico using 100 percent electronic medical records and demonstrating meaningful use.

Dr. Brown’s love for his home community and for rural farm life is reflected by his decades-long commitment, countless large and small health care initiatives he has overseen over the years, and by his ties to his patients. His engagement in the community includes his support of the local 4-H club, by serving as a buyer at the county fair for the past dozen years, and serving on the local zoning commission.