New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Awards 2008
Recognizing Those Committed to Making a Difference
J. F Maddox Foundation

Jack and Mabel Maddox came to Hobbs in 1931, with nothing but their personal effects and equity in one automobile. From these humble beginnings, Jack ultimately acquired controlling interest in the electric utility serving southern Lea County and the gas utility serving Hobbs, and had other business interests in real estate and oil & gas.

Throughout their lifetimes, Jack and Mabel were dedicated philanthropists, and believed that the wealth they accumulated while living in Hobbs should be utilized for the benefit of future residents of southeastern New Mexico. In 1963, they created the J. F Maddox Foundation to continue their philanthropic legacy. Upon their deaths, Jack in 1978 and Mabel in 1987, each left their entire estates to the Foundation.

Continuing his brother’s philanthropic legacy, Donovan Maddox presided over the Foundation after Jack’s death until 1990. Donovan, a successful textile executive living in North Carolina, was very instrumental in shaping the vision of the Foundation following his brother’s death. As children, Donovan’s two sons, Don and Jim Maddox, developed a close relationship with Jack and Mabel, and in the late 1960’s, they moved to Hobbs to practice law. During this time, Jack and Mabel helped to foster a sense of giving back to the community in their nephews by involving them on the Board of the Foundation. Don and Jim have managed the Foundation since Jack’s death, and together with their father (who died in 1993) and long time business associate of the Maddox family, Harry Lynch of Dallas, TX, have sought to fund innovative and creative ideas that would improve the quality of life for the residents of southeastern New Mexico. Over the past decade, the Board of the Foundation has been expanded to include the children of Don and Jim Maddox – Ann Maddox Utterback of Albuquerque, NM; Tom Maddox of Denver, CO; John Maddox of Haverhill, MA; Ben Maddox of Taos, NM; and Catherine Maddox of Charlotte, NC.

In the 30 years following Jack Maddox’s death, the Foundation has provided grants in excess of $100,000,000. The focus of the Foundation’s grantmaking has centered on Lea County since the 1990’s. The grants made by the Foundation have been crafted to meet the needs of residents of its grantmaking region in the areas of education, social services, and community development with the intent that each project will have a lasting impact on the community that provided so much opportunity to Jack and Mabel Maddox.