New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Awards 2004
Recognizing Those Committed to Making a Difference
Larry Gomez
Mr. Gomez became an Assistant United States Attorney in 1979. He came to the US Attorney's Office after having served as an Assistant District Attorney. His peers and associates looked to him as a mentor and source of wise counsel even at this early stage of his career.
In the late 1980's Mr. Gomez became the Deputy Criminal Chief. He worked with other AUSAs to assist them in developing both their legal skills and prosecutorial judgment. By the time he became the First Assistant US Attorney. the respect he had gained with the judges and co-workers led him to be named the interim United States Attorney.
In 2000, Mr. Gomez was named Senior Litigation Counsel. He continued his role as an exceptionally qualified advocate and mentor for less experienced AUSAs in the office. And in 2001, he was again named FAUSA by the new administration. He also holds the position of Criminal Chief. He has dedicated his entire career to being a prosecutor. He excels as a trial lawyer and is a skilled advocate. He is also skilled at managing other trial lawyers and the support staff required to carry forward the work of the United States Department of justice. U. S. Attorney David Iglesias says of Mr. Iglesias, "Mr. Gomez's contributions to New Mexico are significant. His integrity is above reproach, and he epitomizes the conscientious public servant who always seeks to do the right thing."