New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Awards 2004
Recognizing Those Committed to Making a Difference
David Briseño
Born and raised in Artesia, David Briseno has lived all his life in southeastern New Mexico. He is an alumni of Eastern New Mexico University having earned his masters in Education Administration. In college he was an officer in the Association to Help Our Race Advance organization. And during his final years at Eastern, he began working on the revitalization of a TV program 'Cultura'. His association with this pro- gram continues through today and will begin his 23rd season this year.
David served as a VISTA volunteer in the 1970's and 80's. He worked with youth groups and organized summer recreational programs. And, in the early 80's began his education career as a teacqer for the Clovis Municipal School District and was later appointed as principal of one of the elementary schools. Later he was appointed to the position of Director of Federal/Bilingual Program for the Clovis schools.
Throughout this time he continued to be involved in the Portales/Clovis community. David has been active in his church ministry. and serves as a catechism teacher for eighth graders. and as a member of the St. Helen's Social Justice Committee. He also has served on the Curry County United Way board and the board of Play. Inc.. an organization that specializes in providing recreational opportunities for youth in Clovis.
He is most proud of his service with two organizations, the New Mexico Association for Bilingual Education and La Casa Family Health Centers. He has served as a member of the La Casa board for 21 years, serving as president for 10 of those years. He was an integral part of an effort which has seen the organization expand from one site in Portales to 4 sites throughout the area. And. his work with the New Mexico Association for Bilingual Education spans 6 years, recently having served as board President and currently serving as its executive director.