New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Awards 2003
Recognizing Those Committed to Making a Difference
William Fulginiti
Bill Fulginiti serves as Executive Director of the New Mexico Municipal League and is responsible for the association's daily operations. His staff characterizes his leadership as exemplary and documents his professional service and contributions to the 102 cities, towns and villages of New Mexico.
His 30 years of service in this position indicates a real loyalty to his constituency. Mr. Fulginiti was a pioneer in the self-insurance movement nationally, having created a highly successful municipal self-insurance pool, which provides workers' compensation, general liability and property insurance to most of the cities in the state. He has established training programs for New Mexico's municipal employees including - clerks, judges, and city managers -that have facilitaed the provision of high quality service across the state.
Bill for many years, has effectively represented cities by serving as the principal lobbyist at the Legislature for the many cities and town he serves. And, because the majority of New Mexico's cities are small, Bill has developed the ability to provide expert legal advice on many issues, which has been tremendously beneficial to the many cities that could not otherwise afford such services.
Recently he initiated the Elected Officials Institute to give municipal elected officials the knowledge and tools necessary to provide effective and ethical leadership to their communities; and established the Business Partner Program that offers NM businesses the opportunity to participate in the NNML as a partner for advocacy and achievement of municipal programs. He serves on several boards in many leadership capacities such as the Blue Ribbon Tax reform Commission, NM Finance Authority; NM Water Trust Board; and State Security Advisory Council for Homeland Security.