New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Awards 2003
Recognizing Those Committed to Making a Difference
Jennie Maria Holmes
Ms. Holmes has worked for the Pueblo of Sandia for many years. She has stood firm to protect the interest of the tribe in each of the positions she has served. She is one of very few tribal members who are fluent in her native Tiwa language. She believes that the retention of her language is key to who her tribe is as a people. She has inspired adults and children to learn the Tiwa language.
In her capacity as librarian and historian for the Pueblo, Ms. Holmes established the archives and library for Sandia. She was tasked with a difficult job since the Pueblo forefathers had been and continue to be protective of the Pueblo's culture. She worked tirelessly with the Pueblo fathers to archive the Pueblo's records in a non-offensive manner that is available to all tribal members.
For many years, Ms. Holmes has worked with the senior citizens on health and wellness issues. She is an active participant in the Senior Olympics and is successful in encouraging other seniors to participate.
In addition to her dedication to the traditions of the Pueblo she volunteers an enormous amount of time to her parish where she was honored by the church caretaker for her participation in the dedication of the Pueblo's new church.