New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Awards 2002
Recognizing Those Committed to Making a Difference
Robert Tacker
Director of Information at New Mexico Tech, Robert (Bob) Tacker has established a distance education operation and a campus data network there. He also served as the first president of the Electronic Distance Education Network.
Tacker has a long history of service to the community in Socorro. He served for 10 years on the Socorro Hospital's Board of Directors and was elected for 10 years to the Socorro Chamber of Commerce's Board, where he served as president for two terms.
A 20-year member of the Socorro Lions Club, he served for four years on the Socorro County Economic Development Commission where he was chair for two years.
Currently, he chairs the County Information Technology Commission following a nomination to that post by Gov. Gary Johnson.
The County Commission named Tacker to the Planning and Zoning Committee for three years. He confounded the Council of Higher Education Communications Services-serving as its first president and being a member of the board for 14 years.
In addition, Tacker formed a four-institution consortium to install a common student information system and obtained $5 million in funding for that endeavor. He also established a community wireless data network in Socorro that connects the university, Socorro schools, the county, the public library and several state offices.
With a reputation as a tireless worker in the community, he has served education and government in many capacities, with consistent innovation and improvements to local and statewide communications systems. Both businesses and local economies as well as the state have benefited by his work and superior organizational skills.