New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Awards 2002
Recognizing Those Committed to Making a Difference
Irving Hall
Born in 1933 in Iowa at the height of the Depression and raised in a devout Lutheran family of farmers, Irving "Irv" Hall continuously puts into practice: "It's more blessed to give than receive." With the support of Lois, his wife of 40 years, Irv continues to fund and help build numerous homes for the needy through the local and international branches of Habitat for the Humanity.
Being retired from a long, distinguished career as a Ph.D. in the Reliability Group at Sandia National Laboratories has enabled Irv to do more, give more, help more people out, and personally witness the tears of joy that are often unexpected as needy people receive their own homes.
Irv has helped build and finance homes here in New Mexico as well as the one mentioned above and another in the Philippines. Paying expenses to travel abroad to build homes, Irv and Lois plan to spread their good works and cash to South Africa soon.
Not a rich man, Irv and Lois have enough to meet their needs and use their retirement funds to pay for entire homes or partially sponsor building new ones. These charitable works don't include the 1,000 hours of labor that Irv has put in since he began volunteering for Habitat for Humanity some 25 years ago.
His contributions in N.M. include funding $30,000 for an entire house (with Sandia Labs providing the labor), and spending $35,000 to sponsor half of two homes-for a total of 3 new homes! These don't include the homes they've funded overseas.