New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Awards 2002
Recognizing Those Committed to Making a Difference
Robert L. Bayless
An independent oil operator from Farmington, Robert (Bob) L. Bayless continues to serve the community after retiring from the Medical Center Board. Before Bayless became involved, cancer patients from Farmington and the Four Corners area had to travel to Albuquerque, or other far-away places for treatment because no facility existed there, and some patients were forced to forego treatment.
One of his main accomplishments during his tenure as president of the San Juan Regional Medical Center was building the much-needed, state-of-the-art Cancer Treatment Center. Since opening in 1985 (and being enlarged five years later), hundreds of area cancer patients have been treated there-just one of the many hospital facilities that have come into being under his lead as president of the Board of Directors of San Juan Medical Center, and as the organizer and charter president of the San Juan Hospital Foundation.
Under his guidance, the hospital was expanded from 119 beds to 180 beds and much equipment was installed to assist physicians, such as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) diagnostic machine eliminating the need for invasive surgery.
Owning a cattle ranch in Colorado, Bayless is an ardent supporter of numerous youth athletic and educational programs, giving several scholarships each year to San Juan College students. He also gives to the Farmington Boys and Girls Club Endowment Fund.
A member of the Board of Finance and Investments of the San Juan College Foundation, Bayless has other accomplishments including being:
· Cofounder of the Foundation for Educational Excellence;
· Past president of the New Mexico Independent Petroleum Association;
· A member of the National Association of Independent Producers;
· A member and former trustee of the United Presbyterian Church; and
· A contributor to the United Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund.
He recently established the Bayless Charitable Trust Fund (with a Denver-based organization) and stipulates that the fund is to be used in New Mexico for as-yet undetermined beneficiaries.