New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Awards 2001
Recognizing Those Committed to Making a Difference
Dr. Art H. Guenther
Dr. Art H. Guenther's efforts to develop New Mexico as an optics technology center has not been unnoticed. He was the driving force behind the establishment of the New Mexico Optics Industry Association, a trade organization for New Mexico optics-related companies. While Chief Scientist of the Air Force Weapons Lab (AFWL) at Kirtland, Dr. Guenther instituted the Laser Electro Optic Program at TVI for additional training of AF technical specialists, and authored and co-edited 120 modules of instruction for that program. Because of his work in promoting the field of optics in New Mexico in the fields of research, education and worker training, the state's future in the booming field of optics is bright.
Dr. Guenther brought the University of New Mexico and optics industry together to create the new program for Masters of Science in Optical Science and Engineering, co-founded the Alliance for Photonic Technology, was elected to the Russian Academy of Science, named Distinguished Executive by President Reagan, served as Science Advisor to several NM governors, was past Chair of NM Science and Technology Commission, and a key supporter of Centers of Excellence in NM in the early 1980's.
Dr. Guenther is currently a Professor at the Center for High Technology Materials at UNM. He was recently elected President of the International Commission for Optics, which represents 45 nations and territories worldwide, is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of oe [opto-electronic] magazine and Photonics Tech Briefs (NASA). He is also a Fellow for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Laser and Electro-Optic Society, Optical Society of America, The International Society of Optical Engineers and the Laser Institute of America.