New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Awards 2001
Recognizing Those Committed to Making a Difference
Alvorn Clifton
Mrs. Clifton has lived in Albuquerque for the last 40 years and spent countless hours contributing to the betterment of her community of Albuquerque. As a 25-year active member of the Eureka Matrons, a local chapter of the New Mexico Colored Women's Club, she has helped provide four-year scholarships to financially underprivileged high school graduates. Mrs. Clifton is also the President of the Trumbull Neighborhood Association, performing an average of 30 hours per week of service to her neighborhood and the community, a position she has held for 7 years. She recently won the club's prestigious national achievement award for her service and commitment to helping others.
Her efforts to organize an anti-drug campaign had a significant and positive impact on crime in the area that was once known as the "war zone". With the assistance of the Albuquerque Police Department, the group organized weekly marches in which they stood in front of known drug dealers homes and chanted through bullhorns to express their displease with their presence. Although Ms. Clifton uses a cane and therefore couldn't march, she made certain to participate by following along in her car. After several months, the drug dealers got tired of being taunted for their illegal activities, and eventually moved. For her efforts, Mrs. Clifton received an award from Neighborfest a group associated with the League of Neighborhoods.
Mrs. Clifton is also known for her assistance in the planning of the Cesar Chavez Community Center. She coordinates many events for local charity, from an annual Christmas party to the City's largest safe haven Halloween Carnival at the local community center.
Mrs. Clifton is held in high esteem by the law enforcement community and is well known by other community activists who express the highest respect for Mrs. Clifton and her passion for improving the quality of life in her neighborhood and hometown.